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Healing Springs Spa

Indulge in Serene Relaxation at Our Harrison Hot Springs Spa

 Harrison Hot Springs Resort is temporarily closed for the health and safety of our guests and employees.   The Resort is not taking any reservations until April 30.  All services and amenities in the Resort are not available.


Please click on the Healing Springs Spa logo to reserve your Spa Appointments.    

Harrison Hot Springs spa vacations are defined by wonderful moments of stillness and a singular sense of bliss that will bring mind, body and soul into better balance. Here, in the serenity of our lakeside resort, you’ll take a journey to relaxation and replenishment in the caring hands of experienced spa therapists who tailor their approach to meet your personal needs.

Using Harrison Hot Springs’ ancient mineral springs as a source of inspiration and energy, our Healing Springs Spa features a menu of stress-relieving, immune-system-boosting, energy-building and rebalancing massage and spa treatments that open your eyes to the true bliss that comes from feeling alive and well.
Upon arrival at our Harrison Hot Springs spa, you are welcomed by soothing music, a gently humming waterfall and professional, discrete service. The treatment rooms feature comfortable massage tables, dimly glowing lights and a staff of caring service providers.

Using the latest therapies, ancient treatments and rich, nourishing products, our British Columbia spa offers soothing massage therapies and body wraps, hand and foot treatments, and waxing and beauty services to help you look and feel your best. Please see the attached Health Form which you may complete ahead of time and is required to be presented prior to your treatment.

Come heal. Come feel the warmth. Come feel alive at Healing Springs Spa. Only at Harrison Hot Springs Resort.
Please contact the Healing Springs Spa at 604-796-4746 or email [email protected] for all other Spa related inquiries.

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